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How a STEM Degree Can Make for an Abundant Future

For decades now, job experts have been warning that more people are needed to join industries that relate to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Jobs in these fields are so in demand that many companies are desperate for new college graduates to join their ranks. People looking to embark on a rewarding and financially lucrative career path should consider how a STEM degree can lead to a rewarding professional and personal future.

Earning Potential

Given the complex and highly skilled nature of work found within STEM industries, it is little wonder that most positions pay higher-than-average salaries. Engineers, for example, can earn upwards of $100,000 a year straight out of college. Someone who wants to earn a high salary and embark on life with plenty of money in the bank should consider earning a STEM degree.


“There are more people needed to join industries that relate to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”



Job Security

Many careers within STEM industries lack enough workers. People who join one of these occupations can enjoy remarkable job stability without the worry of being replaced or wrongfully terminated. They can potentially work their entire careers for a single employer or in a single industry because of the immense job security found in STEM fields today.

Room for Promotion

Another perk that come with these industries lacking workers involves the potential for advancement. As US News reports, a significant portion of new positions found in fields like medicine and engineering require workers to have advanced degrees. If people can obtain these higher degrees, they can easily move up in the company ranks and earn higher salaries.


“People can now earn a STEM degree online.”



Ample Time for Family and Personal Pursuits

People who want to earn STEM degrees may believe that they must devote endless hours to their studies, spend copious amounts of time in labs or in classrooms, and reserve four or five years of their lives just to obtaining an undergraduate degree. However, with online college classes growing in popularity and access, people can now earn a STEM degree such as an online electrical engineering master’s degree in a matter of months while still having time to spend with family and personal enjoyments. The online classes can fit into their personal work or family life schedules. The ease of obtaining a STEM degree allows people to enjoy bright futures that are not spent inside brick and mortar classrooms or isolated campus lab rooms.

STEM careers continue to be wide open to people who obtain one of these degrees. These careers can offer new STEM degree holders bright futures in these key ways.

Article contributed by Anica Oaks, a freelance writer based in San Francisco, CA.