BT young scientist & technology exhibition

The BT Young Scientist & Technology exhibition is an annual event that celebrates student involvement in science and technology and encourages young people to get involved in this exciting sector.

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is much more than a competition; it is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime for the students who take part. The exhibition itself is the final stage in the competition which is open to all second level students from Ireland, both North and South.

As well as the 520 student projects on display there are a further four exhibition halls filled with science and technology based exhibits and entertainment, making it a thrilling event for those who enter and for the general visitors too.

The history...In 1963 two UCD physics researchers, Rev. Dr. Tom Burke and Dr. Tony Scott, came across the concept of “Science Fairs’’ while conducting research in New Mexico, America. These local school science exhibitions culminated in State Fairs and ultimately a national competition. The pair decided that this type of hands-on science was something that Irish students could benefit from, by taking science outside the four walls of the classroom and showing that it is all around.

And so the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition was born. The first competition was held in 1965 in the Round Room of the Mansion House in Dublin and attracted 230 entries and the first ever winner, John Monaghan, has recently retired as Chief Executive Officer of Avigen, a US Biotech company. The success of the first year was such that the exhibition moved to the much larger venue of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in year two and it has remained there ever since.

In recent years the number of entries has increased dramatically, reaching an all time high last year when 1616 projects were submitted. All entries are screened to select just over 520 projects that go through to compete in the RDS. The event attracts over 34,000 people making it one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, if not the world!

What to expect from 2011...The 2011 exhibition will be the 47th, getting closer and closer to the 50th Anniversary of the event, the longest running exhibition of its kind in Europe. The BT exhibition is now a fundamental part of Irish society and students are already excited about returning to the RDS in January 2011. Many students will go on to develop, change and tweak their project ideas and possibly develop them into a commercial reality. It is this sort of innovation and entrepreneurship that Ireland is striving for.

“This showcase of young talent is surpassed by none and the commercial successes of some of our past winners’ prove it is a real stepping stone for Ireland’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.” Chris Clark, CEO, BT

Provided by the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition