Computer Science and Software Engineering Degrees for Tech-Savvy Students


You've probably heard it a dozen times from older people nowadays: "Kids are making so much money working on those computers!" Although they may not be aware that computers involve much more than Google Chrome and Microsoft Office, they're not wrong. Computer science, software engineering and networking are some of the fastest-growing industries in today's job market. With so many possible directions, computer science and degrees in related fields like software engineering and networking are perfect for many students who may have never even considered them a possibility. Read on to discover three of the best computer science and software engineering degrees available online today.

The Difference Between the Two

Computer science goes over the basic functions of a computer. It focuses on the writing of code and algorithms so that the computer can carry out certain protocols and tasks. It also talks about how computers communicate with each other. This is what is referred to as networking. Computer science also goes into depth about programming languages used to write code to input and execute. Many times, senior projects for computer science majors include writing entire programs to deal with the most current issues in the field. Software engineering is a little bit different than computer science. It tackles the problems of building software, usually with a team. Many of the required courses are the same or are very similar. Software engineering students take additional courses that go into software architecture, testing and software deployment. It also focuses on working with people to achieve these goals together. There is also a section for senior students known commonly as "the software engineering capstone". This challenges students to create a project for a certain outside customer in need of a certain type of software.