5 Reasons To Study Computer Science - Anita Ginsburg


Computer science is a field of study that goes in-depth on computer coding, technical engineering, and communications. Studying in this field opens up jobs as programmers, coders, and software developers. Some people aren't sure about why this degree may or may not be worth it, but here are five simple reasons why you should consider getting a computer science degree.

You Can Do It Yourself

When a friend comes up with an idea for an app or you want to code a website, a degree in this field opens up opportunities to do it all on your own. No need to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars on hiring somebody to code it for you.

You Can Develop Your Skills To Earn As A Freelancer

After you learn how to code and complete your computer science degree, you will have all the knowledge to become a freelancer yourself. Bring to life the websites, mobile app ideas, and other businesses that may need to be programmed. You also have opportunities available to work with a major programming company.

You Can Become A Problem Solver

Becoming a computer science degree holder requires plenty of patience to handle the countless coding issues you will be dealing with. Solving a software problem or fixing a coding issue requires plenty of patience and understanding to fix the problem. Take this understanding and use it daily in other aspects of your life.


Work in a growing field by studying Computer Science