The most abstract field of engineering but arguably the most relevant in today’s society. With a degree in computer technology you’ll be equipped to work in a whole host of jobs from management to consulting, programming to information systems administration. And remunerated handsomely too.


With a degree in computer technology, the vast amount of jobs you could do include computer support specialists, computer systems analyst, database administrator, and information security analyst.

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“Freelance Web Developer Interview”

i-studentglobal caught up with Sussex University graduate Sam, a web developer from Reading who is currently working freelance in Shanghai, China. Find out more about how he got into web development, his first job in London and what life is like working freelance in Shanghai. 1. When did you first … read more

5 Reasons To Study Computer Science - Anita Ginsburg

“5 Reasons To Study Computer Science - Anita Ginsburg”

Computer science is a field of study that goes in-depth on computer coding, technical engineering, and communications. Studying in this field opens up jobs as programmers, coders, and software developers. Some people aren't sure about why this degree may or may not be worth it, but here are five sim… read more

Pathways to Careers in Mechanical Engineering

“Pathways to Careers in Mechanical Engineering”

A mechanical engineering education can serve as a valuable foundation for an enriching career in healthcare, energy services, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, consumer products, or any number of other industries requiring technical aptitude to design innovative products and systems. Mechanical … read more

Developing for tablet computers

“Developing for tablet computers”

The growth of tablets means that developers require an enhanced skill set; skills to help you stand out. The tablet’s touchscreen functionality has become so culturally ingrained that I regularly see my two year old cousin, Adrian, touching every screen he sees - even televisions. The Apple iPho… read more

How to deal with the IT skills shortage

“How to deal with the IT skills shortage”

If you are looking for a career in IT, you will probably have heard people talking about an ‘IT skills shortage’. But what is this actually all about? The IT skills shortage does not mean that there is a lack of applicants for IT roles. It means that candidates are not coming into the industry … read more

Video games - are they art?

“Video games - are they art?”

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York has announced plans to incorporate computer games into their permanent collection. From March 2013, MOMA's Philip Johnson galleries will house an interactive exhibition of 14 iconic video games selected for their design and aesthetic merits.  Among … read more

An interview with a computing consultant

“An interview with a computing consultant”

Director and IT Consultant, Richard Pilton, talks about his journey from studying astro-physics in London to running a successful IT consultancy whilst studying a masters in Business Information Systems. What career path did you take to become an IT consultant?After my time at the University of Lon… read more

Studying IT in the USA

“Studying IT in the USA”

IT and telecommunications subjects provide the technology needed for today’s information based society, and the USA offers plenty of opportunities. It is often said that we live in the ‘information age’ or that we have an ‘information based society’ today. A key aspect of this observation… read more

Tips for students preparing for a career in IT

“Tips for students preparing for a career in IT”

The UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, offers students advice on careers in IT in the UK after graduation. As the world wakes up to the realisation that the IT sector underpins the production of every other industry, a career within the field is becoming more and more desirable. Impor… read more

Studying information systems in Australia

“Studying information systems in Australia”

Information systems graduates are sought after in the business world and Australia is a great place to study this exciting subject. Australia is a great place to live, work and study. Australians live in a democratic society which is highly multicultural. Australia’s environment is friendly, safe… read more

Institutes of technology: world class education

“Institutes of technology: world class education”

Ireland’s fourteen institutes of technology offer students a vast range of academic and practical programmes. This article explores why Ireland’s IT’s offer a great starting point for careers in the sciences and technology. In 2006, Ireland was the largest exporter of computer software in the… read more

Ireland's students excel in the games industry

“Ireland's students excel in the games industry”

With several global software companies based in Ireland it is no surprise that Irish institutions are at the forefront of computing education. Here are two success stories of students in Ireland who have developed their own award-winning software. Innovative PC game demo ‘RagCat’Havok game deve… read more