Top 6 Happening Now...

6 of the most exciting civil and environmental engineering projects happening around the world right now.

1. Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Ozone Upgrade and Expansion Project

The City of San Diego is increasing the capacity of its Alvarado Water Treatment Plant by nearly 100%. At the same time they’re introducing an ozone disinfection mechanism, which incorporates the first ever use of submersible propeller pumps.

2. Brightwater Treatment Plant

This is not only one of the biggest wastewater treatment plants, it is also designed to be fully operational without staff, if need be. It is a state-of-the-art facility using industry-leading technology to create clean water with vastly reduced by-products.

3. William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery

The future of fish farming, this hatchery in Alaska provides more than 6 million fish per year to the sport fishing industry which contributes $1.4 billion to Alaska’s economy. 

4. Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer

Previously Lake Oswego and it’s neighbouring city were served by a sewerage pipe line which was too small, rapidly corroding and in danger of collapsing if there were an earthquake. Now, they have the world’s first buoyant gravity sewer, which is flexible enough to withstand the difficult environment and serve the community for much longer.

5. My [email protected]

Singapore’s first man-made waterway, this artificial river has brought new life to the Punggol Town community. Not only has it provided entirely new social and recreational areas to the town, it has enhanced their green credentials.

6. Hybrid-composite beam

The hybrid composite beam isn’t a project, it is an innovative material that will change the way civil engineering projects are done all over the world. The hybrid-composite beam is lightweight and durable. It will vastly reduce the environmental impact of any project it is used for as well as  reducing costs and construction time.



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