Top 6 Engineering Projects


#3 Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam in China is the biggest power station in the world

The world's largest power station

Location: Sandouping, Yiling, Hubei

Time to build: 14 years

Cost: USD $37 billion (¥180 billion)

Original estimated cost: USD $6 billion (¥20 billion)

Height: 181m (594ft)

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest power station in the world. It can produce as much as 15 nuclear power plants or 11 Hoover Dams. It is expected that the Three Gorges Dam hydroelectric power station will be capable of creating 10% of China's entire energy supply.

The dam was first suggested by Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China, in 1919 and people have been working on it, researching how it would work and where exactly it would go, for nearly 100 years.

However, it is also surrounded by controversy. Official figures show that 1.2 million people have had to be relocated in the making of the dam and 1,300 known archaeological sites have been lost underwater.

Finally, there are scientists who believe that the construction of the Three Gorges Dam has actually slowed down the rotation of the planet. The dam has moved 39 trillion kilograms of water 175 metres above sea level which has altered the planet enough to change the speed at which the earth rotates. 

Admittedly, NASA have calculated that it has only increased the length of a day by 0.06 microseconds.