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Top 6 Engineering Projects

“Top 6 Engineering Projects”

Engineering is responsible for some of the biggest and boldest monuments of human achievement. We've searched the world and found six of what we think are the best feats of engineering. See our 6 Top Engineering Projects below and see if you agree. Which is your favourite engineering project? W… read more

Interview with a civil engineer

“Interview with a civil engineer”

Engineering students in Christchurch (NZ) get hands on experience working with the Christchurch project to rebuild the city following the earthquake in 2011. We interviewed Alessandro Pallermo, a civil engineering lecturer at the University of Canterbury.  Tell us a bit about your positi… read more



Engineering careers Jobs in engineering typically require an undergraduate degree with an engineering specialty at the very least. Increasingly, however, it is becoming an industry norm that applicants should be educated to graduate level.  Studying a graduate degree is a good opportunity to … read more

Accreditation & global recognition

“Accreditation & global recognition”

When you are deciding where to study an engineering degree, it is important that you choose an institution which is accredited by an official accreditation association and furthermore, you should make sure that it is an association which is globally recognised.  If your course is not accredite… read more

Top 6 Happening Now...

“Top 6 Happening Now...”

6 of the most exciting civil and environmental engineering projects happening around the world right now. 1. Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Ozone Upgrade and Expansion Project The City of San Diego is increasing the capacity of its Alvarado Water Treatment Plant by nearly 100%. At the same time th… read more

Top 6 Renowned Civil Engineers

“Top 6 Renowned Civil Engineers”

Here are 6 of the greatest Civil Engineers of all time. Each one has made a major contribution to the field and they're all people that you will be studying when you study Civil Engineering.  John Smeaton – (1724 – 1792) Smeaton was the first self-proclaimed civil engineer and is commonly… read more

Profiled engineer: Ellen Swallow Richards

“Profiled engineer: Ellen Swallow Richards”

Born in Dunstable, Massachusetts in 1842, Ellen Swallow Richards was not only a pioneer for women in academia, she was a key founder of environmental engineering. She was the first female student admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the first American woman to earn a degree in … read more

Hear from... a Civil Engineer

“Hear from... a Civil Engineer”

…a Civil Engineer Name: Nathan SidwellStudied: Civil Engineering at the University of Canterbury (Australia)Qualified in: 2010Works for: AECOM “After college I headed to the University of Canterbury to study engineering...” After college I headed to the University of Canterbury to study e… read more

What is Environmental Engineering

“What is Environmental Engineering”

Environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that uses the same principles and methods as traditional engineering, but in a way which is designed to improve and protect the natural environment.  What should I study? EssentialBiologyChemistryPhysicsApplied mathematicsStatistics Geometr… read more

Profiled engineer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel

“Profiled engineer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel”

Born in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK in 1806, Isambard Kingdom Brunel is probably the world’s most famous civil engineer. His contribution established many industry standards that are still used today, and his impact on Britain is still felt every day. In 2002, he was voted the 2nd gr… read more

What is Civil Engineering

“What is Civil Engineering”

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction, design and implementation of structures and facilities that are essential to modern life. These facilities include: roads bridges offshore structures buildings tunnels dams airports harbours water supply and w… read more

Engineering careers in the United States

“Engineering careers in the United States”

Engineering is a broad area not only with many disciplines, but it also can be applied in many industries. In general, engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to commercial applications. They are involved in designing and developing new products as well as testing, producing and main… read more