Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse



The emphasis of Chemistry study in Australia is on excellence and relevance. Discoveries in Chemistry will enable us and future generations to enjoy a clean future. Chemistry shapes environmental, technological, social and economic change. Our exceptional researchers are joining forces with leading global industries to tackle the fundamental issues of clean, renewable energy, clean food production from field to plate, and development of clean and sustainable plastics and chemicals. Scientific and technical advances typically have chemistry at the heart of innovation. Underpinning our approach is chemical education, allowing the next generation to learn and engage with the beauty of chemistry.


Monash University's new purpose built Green Chemical Futures building

Australia ­– a modern, highly educated country

IDP Education estimates that Australia has the third highest number of foreign students in the world behind only the UK & US. Australia has a modern, highly educated culture with a thirst for knowledge and research. Australia has contributed to science and research through fascinating discoveries, high-quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration. Australia is located near Asia, one of the fastest developing regions, so has immediate ties to most powerful economic hubs in the world.


Monash University chemistry students in new state-of-the-art teaching spaces

Australia’s clean air and water, its friendly, easy-going nature, excellent education system and high standard of living make it highly appealing to international students. Australia is a country of opportunities for career, new culture and adventure. There are many reasons why international students choose to study in Australia:

Employers and universities all over the world recognize Australian qualifications. Graduates from Australia are successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide.

Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the US and UK. However, the living standard in Australia is high as compared to competitive nations. There are a range of scholarships available which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia.


The Green Chemical Futures Building lights up at night