Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse


Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs. In Australia, and particularly at Monash University, the best minds in academic research work closely with industry and government to ensure a dynamic future for the chemistry industry – the nation’s second largest manufacturing sector.


A Monash University Chemistry student

From the chlorination and fluoridisation of water to finding sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, developments in chemical technologies strive continuously to improve quality of life, providing real solutions to issues in areas such as energy usage, medicine and materials. Australia’s chemical and plastics industry has been shown to impact across 109 of the county’s 111 industries. That's massive. 

So studying chemistry in Australia is such a compelling choice; and one that leads to fulfilling careers across a wide range of career opportunities, ranging from academic research to R&D management, product development, patent law, consulting, science writing, technical sales and many more. Not all chemists wear lab coats!

Several Universities in Australia are in the top 0.5% of chemistry departments worldwide. With a strong research emphasis on current global issues, Australian scientists are at the forefront of their specialist fields. This means that as a chemistry student, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, you will benefit from exceptional teaching and training and a stimulating learning environment that is underpinned by a ground-breaking research.


Chemistry education in Australia is innovative and uses the most up to date approaches to teaching and learning. Many new learning spaces and laboratories encourage active learning and creative problem solving as well as the skills essential for succeeding in the workplace.


Monash University chemistry students in new state-of-the-art teaching spaces

For those with the talent and interest to deepen their chemical expertise, a higher degree by research (PhD) offers an exciting challenge. Our PhD students form a powerful and very multi-national engine for Australian research.