Biology can be determined as the study of life. From the molecular level through to cells, tissues, organisms, populations and ecosystems, a biology degree can lead to a fascinating career with many differing outlets including advanced research and exotic locales. 


This degree entails a lot of studying, testing, and preparation with other courses in order to further reach other parts of the degree. A background in applied sciences, mathematics, and chemistry, or at least a basic knowledge, could be crucial in advancing in this program.


As a distinction, biology can offer exciting careers such as becoming a bioscientist, forensic biologist, microbiologist or scene of crime DNA analyst! Other potential careers that this degree program could be used for are health promotion specialist, science writer, or a nature conservation officer. 

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“What to Expect when Pursuing a Bioscience Major”

Choosing to pursue a major in bioscience allows you to not only be eligible for a wide variety of professions; it also enables you to explore a field in which you can make a difference in whichever path you choose to concentrate in. As with choosing any major, there have to be a lot of questions swi… read more

Top 5 jobs to pursue with a degree in biology

“Top 5 jobs to pursue with a degree in biology”

Graduating with a degree in biology is going to open up a variety of career opportunities for students. If you are someone that loves to learn about living things and enjoys science in general, then take a look at these five amazing jobs ranging from advanced research to hands-on teaching and traini… read more

Blue whales desert Australian coasts

“Blue whales desert Australian coasts”

Blue whales specific to the oceans around Western Australia and Victoria are spending more time in the colder waters of Antarctica, according to a recent issue of the Molecular Ecology journal. Researchers from Macquarie University and Flinders University, monitoring the largest mammal on the plane… read more

An interview with a scientist

“An interview with a scientist”

Aarathi Prasad is Science Advisor to the British Council. She’s also written a book and been involved in TV and radio programmes. Here, she tells about 
her career in science. What study path did you take to get into life science?I studied a BSc in Molecular Genetics at King’s College in Lond… read more

An interview with a genetic scientist

“An interview with a genetic scientist”

Aoife McLysaght is a Senior Lecturer in Genetics who studied at Trinity College Dublin and now works in the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at the University of Dublin. She is involved in research into molecular evolution and has also produced a number of publications and is involved with promoting sc… read more

Studying nutrition in Australia

“Studying nutrition in Australia”

The food that we eat is becoming the focus of more and more attention, so now is a great time to get involved in the field of nutrition. Australia is a multicultural and politically stable country. The vast majority of the Australian people live along the coast, which is made up of endless white sa… read more

An interview with a food scientist

“An interview with a food scientist”

Food scientist, Rebeca Lopez-Garcia answers our questions about studying food science and what sort of a career it can lead to. Why did you decide to study food science concentration toxicology at university and why did you choose the USA as your study destination?I was originally an exchange stude… read more