50 Essential Online Tools For Every Computer Science Student



  • Anonymouse: For when you need to browse without giving away your browser’s and computer’s details including IP address.
  • Coderwall: Gamified coder community where you can browse tips from experienced developers or earn badges for your own coding achievements.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive is like a Swiss Army knife of online tools, with spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, diagramming, file storage and other features.
  • IFTTT: Set up triggers that use two or more of over 100 online “channels” (email, social media, cloud storage, note repositories, etc.) to create automated tasks for managing content, notifications and other online actions.
  • LastPass: Forget trying to remember dozens of passwords when you can use the LastPass browser plugin to manage your online passwords.
  • Pixlr: Edit photos and other images online, sourced from your computer, an URL, or online photo libraries including Facebook.


“Learning Resources”

Learning Resources

While not strictly tools in terms of software, these Web pages are worth taking note of for the wealth of computer science and programming information they hold. It never hurts to at least know what other schools are teaching, and you can learn for free, if you want.

  • Algorithms in the Real World: Carnegie Mellon University offers up course material from several semesters of its “Algorithms in the ‘Real World’.”
  • Cheat Sheets: A large collection of cheat sheets of interest to computer science students, good for quick reference use.
  • Dictionary of Data Structures and Algorithms: A handy alphabetically-indexed list of data structure and algorithm definitions and overviews, with links to implementation examples.
  • Open Online Courses: An indexed directory for finding free online lectures of various course material, including computer science, from various universities.
  • Github: One of the largest collections of code, for private and open source use, with repository forking, commenting, Git versioning and other features
  • IT eBooks: Don’t blow your book budget on expensive computer books without checking them out in digital format first at IT eBooks.
  • Apple iTunes University: For when you want to check out course lectures and assignment materials from Computer Science programs at other colleges, including Stanford and others.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare: Probably the granddaddy of free online college course materials, from MIT and other schools.
  • Stack Overflow: For when you’re done racking your brain trying to figure out why your code doesn’t work or how to do something tricky, ask the community nicely at Stack Overflow.
  • Skiena’s Algorithms Lectures: A sizeable collection of lecture materials (video, audio, slides) on specific algorithms from Professor Steven Skiena’s lectures at SUNY Stony Brook.
  • What Comp Sci Students Should Know: A helpful overview of skills a computer science student should have, plus a selection of tool and resource links.

Source:  http://www.computersciencezone.org/50-essential-online-tools-for-every-computer-science-student