50 Essential Online Tools For Every Computer Science Student




Reference, Notetaking, Bookmarking, Studying, Planning, Projects, Presentations

  • EasyBib: When you have to cite references in a proper format (MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA, etc) for a term paper, use Easybib to help you get the citation right, whether the reference is a Web site, book, newspaper, journal or any of a total of nearly 60 source types.
  • Evernote: Save notes, bookmarks, Web clippings, sketches and more, from a browser (desktop/ laptop) and sync via the Cloud for access from other computers or mobile devices.
  • ExamTime: There’s a lot to learn in Comp Sci; test your ongoing study efforts by creating and using your own notes, quizzes, flash cards, free-form mind maps with multiple sticky notes per node — or use the searchable study resources created by other users.
  • Freedcamp: A free (limited) alternative to Basecamp, for managing class projects, with collaboration features, notification via IM/SMS and email, project templates and more.
  • Gliffy: For when you need to create wireframes, flowcharts, sitemaps, network diagrams and more — with collaboration features. Also available as an extension/ plugin for select Web browsers.
  • Pearltrees: Organize your Web page bookmarks, files, photos, and notes in a structured, mind map-like, navigable visual format, via drag-and-drop or add-by-email feature, and social sharing.
  • PivotalTracker: Simple project management, with free solo accounts, plus sync to Cloud for computer and mobile device access.
  • Pocket: Bookmark Web pages, add tags for easy search, read saved pages in a nicely formatted manner, plus sync to Cloud for for computer and mobile device access.
  • Ponder: An online reading app designed for K-12 and college students, with embedded commenting and collaborative features.
  • Popplet: Another mind mapping-like visual organizer similar to Pearltrees (above), but more free-form, with export to image and PDF formats, and language support for English, Japanese, Korean and Hebrew.
  • Prezi: Instead of boring old slides for your class presentation, use Prezi to create dynamic, more mind map-like zooming presentations. “Edu Enjoy” license free for students registering with school email address.
  • Readability: Makes ugly, unreadable Web pages easy to read, with an estimated reading time displayed.
  • SlideShare: Create and share Web slideshows, infographics and other content for your big project presentation.
  • StudyBlue: Create your own study flash cards in a browser — with import option from your Evernote account — then consume them on a mobile device, or browse over 200M pieces of student user-generated study content (free and paid).
  • TeuxDeux: Manage your to-do list in stylish calendar format.
  • Trello: Organize your tasks and ideas in a stackable card format.
  • Wunderlist : Create and share to-do and reminder lists with course project teammates (with limited free task assignment) or just manage your own life — with Cloud sync for easy access from other computers and mobile devices.