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“How to Succeed in a Highly Technical Degree”

Any kind of study puts demands on your time and attention. But highly technical studies are even harder. Learning complex principles and techniques takes a great deal of concentration and can be discouraging if the answers don't come fast enough. Here are some tips to making technical studies eas… read more


“Is maths your number one?”

They say that maths is a language itself, spoken only by those stimulated by problem-solving and entangled formulas, those who like a challenge and want to develop their logical thinking and analytical approach further on. What do mathematicians go frantic about? In general, maths is divided into … read more

IT degrees for tech wunderkinds

“IT degrees for tech wunderkinds”

Oh yes, we are living in a technological age. Today, more than ever. Tomorrow - even more. Jobs change according to what technology dictates. Careers get more ramifications depending on new inventions. Some become easier, others - obsolete, and new professions come into being. So how do we adapt to … read more

Job outlooks in engineering: what to expect

“Job outlooks in engineering: what to expect”

When you’re set on getting the right engineering degree, aiming high is never out of the question. Aerospace, Biomedical, Industrial, Material or Mechanical – regardless of the title you’re going for, it’s mandatory to know the requirements you need to tick off to get the dream job, the… read more

Structural Engineering: the job where you build up your dreams

“Structural Engineering: the job where you build up your dreams”

Structural engineering is attracting more and more attention from ambitious students out there. And no wonder. It is one of those industries that allows you to get a real sense of achievement as soon as your project is finished. Being a structural engineer, you see your dream properly built up. Bric… read more

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“Freelance Web Developer Interview”

i-studentglobal caught up with Sussex University graduate Sam, a web developer from Reading who is currently working freelance in Shanghai, China. Find out more about how he got into web development, his first job in London and what life is like working freelance in Shanghai. 1. When did you first … read more

Mathematics in Australia - It all adds up

“Mathematics in Australia - It all adds up”

Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow, Nalini Joshi, discusses the opportunities for maths enthusiasts in Australia. Australia is a unique place to study mathematics. Three elements combine to make it unique: its high-quality undergraduate degrees, the research intensity of our lecturers and th… read more

Study engineering in New Zealand

“Study engineering in New Zealand”

New Zealand has a number of institutions offering top-quality IPENZ-accredited engineering programmes. New Zealand is a developed, democratic and, compared to most of the world, remote country. It has a population of approximately four million people living in an area 15% larger than the UK. … read more


“Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse”

Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs. In Australia, and particularly at Monash University, the best minds in academic… read more

Why choose the UK for your engineering studies?

“Why choose the UK for your engineering studies?”

The UK is a popular destination for studying engineering due to its quality courses and opportunities. According to Engineering UK's 2016 Report "the UK at all levels of education does not have the current capacity or the required rate of growth needed to meet the forecast demand for skilled en… read more

Top 6 Engineering Projects

“Top 6 Engineering Projects”

Engineering is responsible for some of the biggest and boldest monuments of human achievement. We've searched the world and found six of what we think are the best feats of engineering. See our 6 Top Engineering Projects below and see if you agree. Which is your favourite engineering project? W… read more


“What to Expect when Pursuing a Bioscience Major”

Choosing to pursue a major in bioscience allows you to not only be eligible for a wide variety of professions; it also enables you to explore a field in which you can make a difference in whichever path you choose to concentrate in. As with choosing any major, there have to be a lot of questions swi… read more

The Tech Revolution How a College Education can Help you be Innovative in the Future 2

“The Tech Revolution”

How a College Education can help you be Innovative in the Future One of the most beloved video games of all time is the Civilization series. The developers of those games were required to present all of human history and knowledge in a format that would not only be fun to play as a game, but also b… read more

5 Reasons To Study Computer Science - Anita Ginsburg

“5 Reasons To Study Computer Science - Anita Ginsburg”

Computer science is a field of study that goes in-depth on computer coding, technical engineering, and communications. Studying in this field opens up jobs as programmers, coders, and software developers. Some people aren't sure about why this degree may or may not be worth it, but here are five sim… read more

How a STEM Degree Can Make for an Abundant Future

“How a STEM Degree Can Make for an Abundant Future”

For decades now, job experts have been warning that more people are needed to join industries that relate to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Jobs in these fields are so in demand that many companies are desperate for new college graduates to join their ranks. People looking to emb… read more

Top 5 jobs to pursue with a degree in biology

“Top 5 jobs to pursue with a degree in biology”

Graduating with a degree in biology is going to open up a variety of career opportunities for students. If you are someone that loves to learn about living things and enjoys science in general, then take a look at these five amazing jobs ranging from advanced research to hands-on teaching and traini… read more

The Top Five Best Engineering Degrees to Pursue in College

“The Top Five Best Engineering Degrees to Pursue in College”

Degrees within the many fields of engineering are often noted as the most lucrative when it comes to finding a well-paying and satisfying career, but many students are unsure of which degrees will actually have the highest return on investment. Here is a look at 5 of the top choices for those who ar… read more

Engineering Education in Ireland

“Engineering Education in Ireland”

Ireland has one of the most youthful populations in Europe with nearly 25% of the population between the ages of 16-25 years. There are almost 200,000 students in full time education and that coupled with Ireland’s location as home to over 1,000 multinational companies means that Ireland is a lead… read more