Veterinary science is a subject with surprising breadth. Veterinarians care for animals and serve to improve public health. They also diagnose medical conditions and diseases of livestock, personal pets, and other animals. Most people only come into contact with vets when their family pet is unwell or injured, but vets are also needed in airports, zoos and out in the wild.


This type of degree will involve an in-depth knowledge of biology.


Veterinary science jobs include veterinarian assistant, veterinarian technologist or technician, and potential zoologists and wildlife assisting. 

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“Interview with a Vet Science Alumni - Carla Kelly”

We spoke to a Stevenage-native Carla Kelly, who studied Vet Science and worked at a vet as part of her course. She studied at Plumpton College, validated by the University of Brighton. Did you always want to work in vet science? Yes I've always had an interest in working with animals, since… read more

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“What's it like to study veterinary science in Australia?”

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“All creatures great and small: a vet's tale”

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“Veterinary studies in Canada”

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Animal education in the Antipodes

“Animal education in the Antipodes”

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