Why Study Psychology in America?


Dr Rhett Diessner from Lewis-Clark State College tells i-studentglobal why students should consider studying Psychology in the USA.


Why Study Psychology in America?

One good reason to consider studying psychology in America is the choices it offers: there are more colleges offering Psychology degrees than any other country in the world. But it’s not just quantity; America has many of the best Psychology programs in the world, and even in the smaller colleges in America the Psychology programs are excellent. There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in America in which a student can take Psychology courses. Likewise, there are close to 2,000 universities offering Masters and PhD degrees in Psychology and Counseling.

Studying Psychology can be a very satisfying experience. Most Psychology majors become counselors and spend their life helping others.  Research shows that having a meaningful life is much more conducive to true happiness than making a lot of money. However, as a clinical psychologist in America, one can have a meaningful life of serving others and still make a very comfortable living. A Psychology degree can also lead to an excellent job in the business world. Every large business has a Human Resources (HR) department, and HR loves to hire Psychology majors. In another direction, a Psychology degree is an excellent degree for applying to medical school. General practice physicians know that 40-80% of their work with patients is psychological work and medical school admit many Psychology majors every year.

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