Studying psychology in the UK

Studying psychology in the UK will benefit you and the local students. Research has shown that learning in a multi-cultural environment can quite literally broaden your mind.

Richard Crisp, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Sheffield, has shown that multi-cultural experiences:

  • enhance creativity, innovation and original thinking
  • promote more effective negotiation strategies
  • and reduces susceptibility to biased thinking, which can hamper judgment and decision-making

Studying in a multi-cultural environment is beneficial to your education and the experience of the people you will be studying with. 

And this is the sort of thing you might be researching if you study psychology in the UK.

More overseas students are choosing psychology in the UK

Applications from overseas students grew by 31% between 2004 and 2009 and the number of overseas students on psychology courses at undergraduate level also grew by 25% over the same period.

Overall, there are over 3000 overseas students studying psychology in the UK, from around 100 different countries, and that number is growing year on year.

Clearly, the UK is a popular destination for students seeking a psychology education. Psychology is a degree that is widely perceived as likely to lead to employment, with over 90% of graduates finding employment within six months of graduating.

Psychology is a very popular subject in UK universities

The number of students studying psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the UK has steadily increased over the years and numbers have doubled in the past decade. 

Psychology is now one of the most popular subjects to study at undergraduate level, and psychology students account for 3.5% of all full time undergraduates in the UK. 

Psychology departments in the UK do world-leading research

In their International Benchmarking review of Psychology in 2011, in which the quality and impact of psychology research in the UK was compared to international competitors, the British Psychological Society and the Economic and Social Research Council reported that UK Psychology research is world leading in many areas such as biological, clinical and social psychology. 

It is easy to see why so many international students are choosing to study psychology in the UK.

Paul G. Overton, Professor of Neuroscience and Head of Department, Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield (UK)