Interview with a Self-Help Author - Narissa Phipps


6. How did you start researching happiness?

Growing up I always saw myself as becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I wanted the expertise to work with those in crisis but actively advocating early intervention strategies to prevent people from reaching such a point. My interest moved from a disease to a health approach when I discovered the area of positive psychology. Previously I had not considered looking at how healthy people remain so as a prevention. It fitted with my passion so I began to source what knowledge I could. What I have not learnt from my degree and working in the NHS I have taught myself from the internet. In fact the whole book process has been made possible thanks to the internet, technology really can be a wonderful thing.

Happiness Diary

7. The book cover seems to evoke an inner child with its design. Was this part of the idea behind it?

My idea for the cover was a rainbow umbrella in the rain and my quote “If you wish for a rainbow, first embrace the rain”. To me this represents the core of what Happiness Diary is about. The rest was down to the wonderful design team.

8. We understand that you’ve recently moved to New Zealand. What inspired you to move to NZ and how is it different from Brighton?

My first trip to New Zealand was in 2014, every day I thought ‘wow this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen’. Each time I was certain that the view could not be beaten but I was repeatedly shown otherwise. I have connected with the nature in NZ in ways that I did not know was possible. Probably from having spent most of my life in built up areas. The country has captured my heart and I cannot imagine living anywhere else now. I love Brighton and Hove and always will but once you leave city life you realise that there are alternative ways to live. Right now I am enjoying the daily friendly encounters with strangers, a smaller community and incredible hikes with stunning scenery on my doorstep.

9. Where can we find out more about the book and buy it?

If you want to follow the journey on social media just search @byNarissaPhipps. You can currently pre-order your copy from all the usual retailers or for those of you who are Brighton based please keep it local by visiting the lovely independent bookshop City Books on Western Road. Happiness Diary is due to be released on 28 September 2016.