A Day In The Life Of...An Infection Prevention and Control Lead Nurse


In December 2015 i-studentglobal spoke to a number of healthcare professionals to find out a bit more about their daily working lives. First up, we spoke to Amy Ellison, an Infection Prevention and Control Lead Nurse, working for the Clinical Commissioning Groups within Brighton and Mid Sussex.

How long have you been working in your current role and how many people work within your department?

I've been working in my current job for under 1 year. There are fewer than 5 people in my department.

Is there such a thing as a typical working pattern? How many shifts do you usually work over a 4-week period?

My hours are Monday to Friday 9-5, however often meetings start at 8am or finish at 6pm so some flexibility is required.

What are your day to day duties?

Providing expert professional advice on infection prevention to GP practice nurses, training, monitoring infection rates and seeking assurance that root cause analysis is undertaken and when lessons to learn are identified from events that led up to the infection that action plans are made, implemented and revised as necessary. Seek assurance from providers of services that infection prevention is a fundamental element of all activity.

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