Top 6 study tips


Here are six top tips to help you with your studies. If you follow this advice and get into good habits early on, you'll find your degree much more manageable and rewarding.

1. Take good notes

When it comes to preparing for exams or writing essays, your notes will be your most useful source of information. You will need them to remind you of things you learnt more than 8 weeks ago. 

Often when you are taking notes, you will be in a pressured, rushed situation: a seminar, a lecture or while reading. In order for the notes to stick in your mind, it can be useful to take yourself aside afterwards and write them out again neatly. The repetition will help you remember the facts and the notes will make more sense when you come back to them in a panic at the end of term.

2. Enforce a routine

Student life is all about learning to organise your time. There will be people who leave everything to the last minute and have to panic to get their work done on time. That doesn't have to be you.

You will find that if you force yourself to work to a timetable, you will find your work easier and more rewarding. Also, when you give yourself time off, you will appreciate it a lot more having worked for it. 

3. Memory aids

This works differently for everyone. Work out a study method that suits you and helps you remember all your facts and figures.

You might want to try:

  • making memory cards
  • colour coding your notes
  • creating little rhymes or acronyms