Top 3 Inspirational TV Doctors & What To Learn From Them


From a young age many things may influence our career choices. It may be our family or friends, a teacher or careers adviser at college or it might even be influenced by our role models from TV and film. We've taken three of our favourite TV Doctors to examine what there is you can learn from these slightly farfetched physicians. 

Dr Gregory House – House MD


Head of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. With an ever changing team of attractive diagnosticians, Gregory House is a pain-killer-addicted doctor who was left lame in one leg after a blood clot caused muscle wastage which had to removed to keep him from losing his leg.


House is something of an odd-ball genius, with a penchant for Vicadin, doing things his own way regardless of the consequences and heavily relying on and tormenting his best friend, the long suffering oncologist Dr Wilson.

Despite almost always coming up with the correct diagnosis himself through a method of trial and error which often leaves the patient on the brink of death, he recognises the importance of having a team to bounce ideas off and usually interacts directly with them rather than the patients themselves.  


Despite his obvious shortcomings and many personality defects, House is a highly gifted doctor who almost without fail saves his patients from their otherwise impending deaths, whilst himself being in constant considerable pain. His distance from his patients, seeing them as puzzles to solve rather than people to heal, is a good example of objectivity, although his bedside manner and out-of-the-box thinking and methods leave a lot to be desired. One thing that's for sure is that if you followed House to the letter, you would not have a long career as a doctor. Still, if I were dying of an unknown illness, I think that he’d be the best person to contact.