Studying Medicine In New Zealand


Studying in New Zealand


Brighton Beach, Christchurch

There are a number of support systems for international students in New Zealand. Both universities have an international student support department, and each medical school has a regional medical students’ association, which aims to advocate on behalf of all its members. The New Zealand Medical Students’ Association (NZMSA) also provides a number of support systems for international students, as well as representing all medical students at a national and international level, and organising a wide range of events. During the MBChB programme, students are given the opportunity to undertake a one-year research-based Honours programme. Graduates of the MBChB programme are granted one-year provisional registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand. After one year of working in a New Zealand hospital, general medical registration is granted. There are many opportunities for further post-graduate study. Both universities offer post-graduate diplomas and degrees in a wide range of areas, for those who are interested in further study and specialisation. Undertaking medical education in New Zealand is a challenging yet highly rewarding experience for all international students that choose to come here.


Sami Swadi, Education Officer 2017
New Zealand Medical Students’ Association

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