Study medical science in Australia


Medical science can lead to careers as a medical scientist or technician. With its quality of life and friendly people, Australia is a great place to study medical science.

Many international students are enrolling in medical science courses provided by Australian universities. In response to this, and also to workforce requirements, more and more universities are offering bachelor degrees in medical science.

Wherever in Australia a student prefers to study, they are likely to find a medical science degree. A prospective student can choose location based on the lifestyle they are interested in.

Courses are generally between three and four years in length. They include a large practical component and promote analytical thinking skills. The more highly regarded courses include a clinical placement.

Selected master’s degrees in medical science are also accredited by AIMS.

Entry to these courses require the successful completion of a Year 12 course of study in Australia, or the equivalent for overseas students.

The prerequisites vary from state to state, but generally would include English, science and maths subjects.

Applicants should consult the handbook of their tertiary institution of choice to determine their particular requirements.

Medical science

Medical scientists perform medical laboratory tests on blood, other body fluids and tissues to assist clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Medical scientists get results! They work in hospital laboratories, private pathology laboratories, State Health laboratories and universities.

In larger hospitals and private laboratories, medical scientists usually specialise in a particular discipline. Specialities include, but are not limited to, anatomical pathology, cytology, clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology, molecular pathology, microbiology, virology and transfusion science. 

Medical technicians also work in laboratories. The training for this category of laboratory worker is usually a diploma or certificate from a vocational and training (VET) institution. This training will also include clinical placements. Generally the courses will be of two years duration. 

The e-learning facility is now becoming a feature of more and more of our universities, and will probably make studying for international students a more financially achievable goal. For information on visa requirements, visit the Australian government student immigration page.

Australia is a vast country, and Australians are renowned for being friendly and tolerant. The climate is temperate yet diverse and most international students would be able to find a location to their liking. The standard of living is high, and opportunities to enhance sporting prowess are legendary. Opportunities to indulge in art and performance also abound.

Australia is an excellent destination for international students.

About AIMS

Graduates of AIMS accredited degree courses are entitled to be employed as medical scientists.

They are admitted to the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists as graduate members and after two years postgraduate professional medical laboratory experience are eligible to become Members of the Institute, and to use the post-nominals MAIMS.