How Long Does It Take?


How Long Does It Take To Become A Nurse?

Nursing is a great vocational degree with a high rate of employment after graduation. If you are interested in helping people and get a buzz off of meeting people from a wide range of backgrounds then nursing might just be the perfect career for you. Typical courses range from 3-4 years, which upon completion you will be entered to sit an exam with that country's nursing council. If you pass this exam then you will be a Registered Nurse (RN) and will be able to be work as a fully-qualified nurse. Once you start working, you will learn a lot on the job, and there will also be opportunities for further development courses.

UK - 3 years - University of Bangor: Bachelor of Adult Nursing (Honours)

Ireland - 4 years - Trinity College Dublin: 4 Year Nursing Degree Programme (BSc Cur) 

USA - Bachelor of Science in Nursing - 4 years

Canada - Bachelor of Science in Nursing - 4 years

Australia - Bachelor of Nursing - 3 years

New Zealand - Bachelor of Nursing - 3 years

nursing learning disability nurse interview

Interview with a UK Learning Disability Nurse