Finished Your Medical Degree? 4 Things You'll Need Before Your First Shift - Anica Oaks


Graduating with a medical degree represents one of the biggest steps in your career. You've acquired a sizable amount of knowledge designed to help you successfully treat what ails patients.The problem is that you may not be as prepared as you think to begin practicing medicine.

A 2008 study undertaken by leading medical schools in the UK found that students could be more prepared for their first day as doctors. They cited practical knowledge, patient care and a better knowledge of medical principles as areas where recent graduates could improve. Let's examine four things that you should do to best prepare yourself for your first days as a doctor.

1. Seek Practical Experience

Experience is invaluable. You should have a decent amount of time working as an intern within a structured environment to ensure you have the right skills to keep it together during critical moments.

If you feel that you're lacking in this department, then consider opting for a temporary position as an assistant. Some medical providers may prefer to place you in such a position to ensure you have the opportunity to develop the skills you need while minimizing the risk of malpractice for patients.

2. Get The Right Gear

One of the biggest mistakes medical graduates make on their first days as doctors is failing to have the right tools for their jobs. While scalpels and diagnostic equipment may be provided, you should always ensure that you have a spare pair of basic things like scrubs, slip-resistant shoes, bags and stethoscopes.

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Listening and Taking Notes