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Ever dreamed of being a nurse, doctor, or surgeon? This may be the career path for you. Medicine is all about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. You will even save someone’s life during your residency.


You will need to be highly skilled in both chemistry and biology. This type of degree requires studying long and harsh hours – in preparation and during the course.


A degree in medicine can lea to careers as a general doctor or hospital doctor within the NHS or private. You could also work as a healthcare scientist, international aid or development worker, or a research scientist.

Latest Medicine Features

How Long Does It Take?

“How Long Does It Take?”

If you're looking to work in the medical profession, you will no doubt be aware that this is not something that can happen overnight. Every role in healthcare, from nurses to consultants and everybody in between, needs to be highly trained to perform their job to the best of their ability, as often … read more

Australian Study & Careers In Medicine

“Australian Study & Careers In Medicine”

The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) shares their advice when it comes to choosing a medical school and future career. Congratulations on considering a career in medicine! It is certainly a career path full of excitement that will offer endless opportunities for you, not just in Aust… read more

Studying Medicine In New Zealand

“Studying Medicine In New Zealand”

New Zealand offers a choice of two top-quality medical schools and countless opportunities for experience and further study. New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, of approximately 4.4 million people, renowned for its natural landscape and beauty. As a medical professional working in New Ze… read more

Interview with a GP

“Interview with a GP”

In December 2015 i-studentglobal spoke to a number of healthcare professionals to find out a bit more about their daily working lives. We chatted with Dr Shujeebur Rahman an NHS General Practicioner living in Brighton, Uniterd Kingdom. Shujeebur studied Medicine at University of Liverpool and has be… read more

A Day In The Life Of...A Junior Doctor (F2)

“A Day In The Life Of...A Junior Doctor (F2)”

In December 2015 i-studentglobal spoke to a number of healthcare professionals to find out a bit more about their daily working lives. We chatted with Dr Davey Thaxter, a Foundation Year 2 Doctor (F2) working at Epsom & St Helier University Hospital. Davey studied Medicine at King's College… read more

Top 3 Inspirational TV Doctors & What To Learn From Them

“Top 3 Inspirational TV Doctors & What To Learn From Them”

From a young age many things may influence our career choices. It may be our family or friends, a teacher or careers adviser at college or it might even be influenced by our role models from TV and film. We've taken three of our favourite TV Doctors to examine what there is you can learn from these … read more

6 Essential Traits

“6 Essential Traits”

If you're considering studying medicine, you will surely want to know the difference between how to be a doctor and how to be a good doctor. Becoming a doctor is not something that happens overnight - it is a serious commitment which takes years to qualify and leads into a lifelong profession. Befor… read more

Studying Medicine In Ireland

“Studying Medicine In Ireland”

Introduction and Overview of Medical Education in Ireland All Irish undergraduate medical degrees, whether direct or graduate entry, are of the same standard and all the medical schools and the programmes they deliver are approved by the Medical Council in Ireland.  Irish universities award me… read more

Work placements: How to get graduate jobs

“Work placements: How to get graduate jobs”

Experience of working in an English-speaking country is incredibly valuable when you come to start your career, but it can be difficult to get work experience under an international student visa. So what is the solution? Some degrees have a placement year included, which gives you a chance to put… read more

Learning at a teaching hospital

“Learning at a teaching hospital”

When you're studying a practical profession, the best way to learn is by doing. Teaching hospitals around the world provide students with a hands-on experience in a learning environment.  Not only do those students have the opportunity to put their studies into practice, they also work alongsi… read more

Top 6 study tips

“Top 6 study tips”

Here are six top tips to help you with your studies. If you follow this advice and get into good habits early on, you'll find your degree much more manageable and rewarding. 1. Take good notes When it comes to preparing for exams or writing essays, your notes will be your most useful source of inf… read more

Top 6 Medical Milestones

“Top 6 Medical Milestones”

Over the years, important discoveries have been made which have revolutionised healthcare and made modern medicine as efficient, reliable and safe as it is now. Here are six of the biggest medical milestones. 1. Sanitation Perhaps one of the most famous stories in the history of medicine, in… read more

Thinking About Becoming A Doctor?

“Thinking About Becoming A Doctor?”

Have you ever considered a career in medicine, but never know what important questions to ask? The Association of American Medical Colleges tells you everything you could need to know about studying medicine and becoming a doctor. How do I get started? What resources are available to help me b… read more

Studying Medicine In The UK

“Studying Medicine In The UK”

A medical education in the UK offers top-quality schools, an international community and a wide choice. The UK offers tremendous opportunities to study medicine. The language of instruction is English, but you will be part of a truly international community, meeting staff, students and patients fro… read more

Study medical science in Australia

“Study medical science in Australia”

Medical science can lead to careers as a medical scientist or technician. With its quality of life and friendly people, Australia is a great place to study medical science. Many international students are enrolling in medical science courses provided by Australian universities. In response to this,… read more

An interview with a pharmacist

“An interview with a pharmacist”

I have wanted to be a pharmacist since grade 11 and even on the busy days I know I still made the right choice. I think it is a profession that I fit well in and I love what I do. My name is Robin McGuire and I am a pharmacy graduate from the University of Toronto, Ontario. I am currently a staff p… read more

The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland

“The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland”

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association report on the innovative research and developments in the pharmaceutical industry which have helped improve the quality of life for patients in Ireland. Today people in Ireland live longer, healthier and more active lives, in part, due to medical prog… read more