Rewarding Career: Five Reasons You Should Get a Degree in Social Work


In a time where society actively pushes STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs onto its newly minted college graduates, going into social work may seem like a quaint endeavor. But this article will discuss a few reasons why you should consider earning your degree in social work.


Many graduate degrees can take 3-4 years out of a young student's life. This is time that they could spend earning money that could help decrease the amount that they owe on their student debt. The great thing about social work degrees is that you will not spend inordinate amounts of time in school. A bachelor's degree in social work will take 4 years to earn. If you continue on to a master's, this will only require an additional two years of study. You can be out in the job market in 6 years.

Job Security

A social work degree is a very flexible commodity in the job market. This is because there will always be urban and rural communities, schools, hospitals and government agencies that will require the help of competent social workers. Social work and licenses can even be transferred between U.S. states. This means that you can go through a social work program in one state, and get licensed in another. This usually isn't the case for many careers in the public service sector.


Unique Opportunity

The vast majority of social workers in the United States are female. Nowadays, many agencies are actively looking for male social workers as they recognize that some of their male clients may not be comfortable working with a woman. If you're a man looking to get into social work, there could be many unique job opportunities that could be open to you in the next few years.