4 Healthcare Degrees for Altruistic Medical Students

Those who find themselves feeling the call to help others may have some difficulty in choosing the best career path. But working in healthcare can be a great way for altruistic students to use their talents in making others feel better both physically and emotionally. Those who have a strong sense of empathy for others will likely find it very rewarding to work in the following healthcare fields.

4 Healthcare Degrees for Altruistic Medical Students

Home Health Care

Someone who enjoys helping others would do well in a home health care career. Whether you're working with the elderly or disabled patients, it can be very fulfilling to go into a patient's home to help them with daily tasks and help them remain independent. A nurse that works in home health care can do many types of treatment and therapy at the patient's home and that allows them to remain more comfortable in a stress-free environment.


Those who work in nursing can find a job in many different facilities. If you enjoy working with children, a pediatric nurse can be a great option to consider. If you've previously been working as a nurse but are looking for further your education to open up new job opportunities, RN to MSN online programs can offer a way to get an advanced nursing degree while still allowing you to work and maintain other family obligations. This degree would translate well to working in many different healthcare facilities including clinics and hospitals.

Work With the Elderly

Assisted living facilities are in great need of caring, empathetic people, who are trained in various aspects of healthcare. Working with the elderly who live in these facilities comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards. The job is demanding, as many residents can be greatly limited in their mobility and may also have trouble communicating. Those who truly enjoy helping others will likely find great rewards in working with these residents.

High-Risk Facilities

For many who enjoy helping others, the rewards that go along with working in a high-risk environment are endless. This could mean working in an emergency room where you are dealing with traumatic incidents all day or night. It could also mean working in a OB/GYN office that deals specifically with high-risk pregnancies. Either of these would be well suited for the altruistic healthcare student.

It takes a special kind of person to work the long hours that are often required in the healthcare field. It may often seem thankless, but it can be extremely rewarding to those who enjoy helping others and truly making a difference in their lives. Most students who are altruistic will find themselves well suited for working in healthcare.

Article contributed by Rachelle Wilber, a freelance writer based in San Diego, California.