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TV Shows That Encourage A Different Field of Study

There's a current trend of terrific science shows on channels such as Netflix, HBO, and many others. These other TV programs and documentaries show a vast number of interest in different studies such as criminology, psychology, and social work. What will you decide to study?


1. Grey’s Anatomy – Nursing & Medicine

The 11-season series focuses on the lives of interns who eventually turn into nurses and doctors, along with all the drama of contemporary life.

2. Bad Education – Teaching

This British comedy centres around the lives of an immature and quirky male teacher and his student friends.

3. Dexter – Criminology & Forensics

This series explores the double life of a forensic blood-spatter analyst and serial killer who targets only those who have committed violent crimes who he feels have escaped justice. 

4. Orange is the New Black – Social Work

This Netflix series explores the lives of inmate Piper Chapman and her companions as they attempt to survive in a run-down female prison.

5. Into the Abyss – Psychology

This documentary focuses on the American justice system and why a state chooses to execute certain prisoners over others.

6. Man in the High Castle – History & Creative Writing

Based on an award-winning novel, this Amazon Prime series centres around what life would be like if the Nazis had won WWII. This alternate future is quite a scary with a constant tension and fear throughout.



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