Aspire to perform on Broadway in New York? Or be part of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre? Theatre & dance are subjects that stray from textbooks and can’t be coasted through by copying the person next to you- unless in plié.Studying theatre or dance will become a major distinction in your life, be hard work and always challenge you – but it will all be worth it. A degree in theatre or dance gives you the academic background and performance experience to enter the theatrical scene of multiple cities prepared for roles previously unimaginable. 


As a degree in theatre and dance can open up many creative opportunities, it is important to note that this type of career can take time to develop, as students may find themselves moving to new cities or undertaking new distinctions within the performing art sector to keep up with relevant competition. There are many opportunities available through agencies, universities, and established dance theatres, including furthering education to become a teacher of dance or theatre.

Theatre & Dance Interviews

hang yu zhou, qi zhong and xuelei li - university of roehampton

“An Interview with Hang Yu Zhou, Qi Zhong and Xuelei Li, University of Roehampton”

Last Friday I visited Roehampton University to speak with some of the current international students. Amongst them were 3 Chinese dance students, Hang yu Zhou, Qi Zhong and Xuelei Li, who were all studying their MAs at Roehampton University. What were your main worries before coming to university i… read more

Latest Theatre & Dance Features

Don't worry about the UK

“Don't worry about the UK”

After a wave of bad publicity and a climate of ‘negative rhetoric' among the UK Government, studying in the UK might not seem very appealing. Hadeel Mufti has had a great experience studying in the UK and wants to share it with you. I had never experienced a jubilee celebration before and didn… read more

Cheryl Govan - Letter to my 18 year old self

“Cheryl Govan - Letter to my 18 year old self”

Cheryl Govan is Outreach Officer at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Her role involves bringing theatre and the arts to people of all ages and abilities and is central in the community as both a practitioner and facilitator.   Dear Cheryl (aged 16), I was asked to wr… read more

Why I chose to study abroad: an acting student's perspective

“Why I chose to study abroad: an acting student's perspective”

Australian Camilo Lascano Tribin was recently accepted into atlantic, a prestigious new york drama school. He anticipates the big move and what it will mean for his career. I was born in Bogot์, Colombia and came to Australia when I was eight years old. I’m now 22, and I’ve just finished my B… read more

Dancing to the UK beat

“Dancing to the UK beat”

Claire Bradley from the Council for Dance Education and Training discusses the UK's longstanding reputation for dance education. Dance in the UK is fast growing in popularity. With the increase of celebrity dance TV programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’… read more

An education in Irish music and dance

“An education in Irish music and dance”

The Irish are world-renowned for their spirit, which is reflected through their traditional music and dance. There are unique opportunities in Irish music and dance on offer in the country’s higher education institutions. Historically, the university is a place where musicologists talk about clas… read more