Your Career Soundtrack: What a Degree in Music Education Can Do for You


Private Teacher

Private teachers don't work through schools. They instruct students of all ages on an individual basis. They usually set their own fees, as well as their instruction plans. Private teachers can work from their home or office, out of a music store or with a group of other teachers. A private teacher may offer classes on an individual or group basis. Many private instructors offers lessons that are 45 to 60 minutes long, one day a week. These teachers instruct students of all skill levels.

Chorus Director

Chorus directors direct and guide a choir or vocal group in a church, school or local community. Chorus directors who earn a master’s degree in music education online research and select material, rehearse and conduct the choir, and prepare the chorus for public performances.

School Music Supervisor

They direct and coordinate the tasks of school music instructors who teach students in instrumental and vocal music in a school or school system. Some school music supervisors teach a couple of days a week and administer the curriculum the remaining days.

Your Career Soundtrack What a Degree in Music Education Can Do for You 2

After getting a degree in music education, you can work in a variety of teaching positions. Whether you decide to work out of your own home or in a large urban public school, a degree in music education can open quite a few doors for the musically inclined.

Article submitted by Lizzy Weakley, a freelance writer based in Colombo, OH.