An interview with a professional musician


What sorts of careers can students expect in the music industry?

I believe the industry is very diverse and that a good degree programme supports that diversity.

At Five Towns College we offer the Bachelor of Music degree with concentrations in Music Business, Audio Recording Technology, Performance, Composition/Songwriting, Music Theatre, and Music Education. A concentrated education gives you a great set of tools to emerge as an individual in the modern world of the music industry.


“An education is easily the biggest investment in an individual’s future”

Is there anything you wish you'd known at the beginning of your career?

About 35% more repertoire! Make a practice schedule and stick to it.

What do you think a student should be looking for in a music college?

An education is easily the biggest investment in an individual’s future that a family will often make sacrifices to provide. I believe that students need to recognize that a higher education is not a right, but rather a privilege.

With that said, each student along with their family needs to patiently look in detail at each college they consider:

  • what are the courses of study?
  • are the staff professionally active?
  • degree concentrations
  • resident life
  • student body
  • career service placement
  • etc...

Each student and family needs to find what institution they feel the most comfortable trusting so the student can open his or her mind and learn to their fullest potential.