How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni



Local radio

Don’t just target the big radio stations to get your music heard. Find out ways to get in contact with your local radio station and ask whether there are any opportunities for you to either play your music live on the radio station or send in a demo of your music for them to play. It’s worth a shot, and the worst they can do is say no! Remember if you are involved with the university radio station or extracurricular activities around music, it will demonstrate to the radio stations that you are passionate and really dedicated to moving your music forward.


Busking is not only a great way for you to practise in front of an audience and improve your performance skills, but it is also a great way to get spotted by someone important in the music industry. Choose busy areas and different times of the day so that as many people as possible can witness your music. It’s also a good way to earn a bit of extra cash (which you could always put towards a recording studio session) and you’ll also be surprised at how generous people can be with their money when they like your music. However, before you choose your perfect busking destination, be aware that you may need a busking licence. Click here to find out more.


“… a good way to earn a bit of extra cash ...”


Putting your music on YouTube is a fantastic way to get your music discovered. Take Justin Bieber for example, Scooter Braun discovered his videos back in 2007 and he was signed to RBMG records.  While you may feel a little awkward to begin with, filming yourself performing, it doesn’t have to be a spectacular music video – it can be really authentic with just you in the frame showing everyone what you do best. After all you never know, you might become a YouTube sensation.


“… you might become a YouTube sensation.”

Social Media

Use your social media channels to your advantage by advertising your music to all of your family/friends/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So once you’ve posted a video on YouTube or you’ve been accepted on a radio channel, let everyone in your social networking accounts be the first to know. The power of social media is astonishing, you never know what might catch on…someone may absolutely love your music and share it with their social network and therefore your music will continually be exposed to new people, which may include that one person that you need to help you get your music career going. So stop hiding away in your room to play your music, get out there, get discovered and really make your music into something more than just a hobby!

This article was written by Laura Harrison. Laura is a recent graduate from The University of Manchester and enjoys offering current students advice.