An Interview With...A Freelance Musician - Michaela Wylde


Earlier this month i-studentglobal spoke to professional freelance musician Michaela Wylde about her music career, university education and aspirations. Michaela studied a BMus in Music at Bangor University, Wales.

Did you always want to work as a musician?

I have always loved music and performing. It was always my dream to be a singer, but I never imagined that it would be actual job!

Did you feel that your degree helped to prepare you for working freelance?

I think parts of my degree helped me to prepare for freelance music. Taking part in rehearsals and performances prepared me for the expectations of live performance and the reality of the hard work that goes into a polished performance. I also took a module in instrumental teaching, which gave me an insight into managing a business and the financial side of being self-employed.

What did you learn about yourself at university?

University is a life changer in many ways. Learning to manage your time, money, assignments and social life really does teach some life lessons. I made some lifelong friends at university and some of them have worked with me musically on further projects since leaving university.

What was your favourite module at university?

I really enjoyed ensemble performance at university. It was a challenge working in difficult 3-part harmony with two other performers. This prepared me for performing in a group, which has been beneficial now that I have a band and also developed my ear. Alongside my solo/ band performances, I have provided backing vocals for other performers and featured on recordings, something that I doubt I would have done without the development of ensemble performance.