An Interview with Marina Abramian, International Journalism Graduate, University of Sussex


Whilst at Sussex you were a Student Ambassador. What did this entail and what did you gain from the experience?

The main part of the role was to represent the school of Journalism, and then eventually the School of Media, Film and Music. This was a way for the university to use the current students to be advocates for the university at open days, allowing prospective students to find out more from the students rather than just the staff. There were 3 open days when I was talking to prospective students and I found it useful for developing my interpersonal skills. I always was honest with the students, so if they were looking to study something that Sussex offered then I could advise and recommend things for them, however if it was not something particularly covered then I could recommend other institutions which might be better suited.

Marina Univeristy of Sussex prospectus

Representing University of Sussex in the prospectus


Finally, what are your plans before you return back to Crimea at the end of the month?

I’m going to go to visit some friends in London for a couple of days. I did a lot of networking during my course and these contacts became friends. I then will return to Brighton to have a nice couple of days with my Brighton friends before flying out at the end of the week. I have two suitcases to take back with me and I haven’t packed one of them yet so I will need to do that as well.

Marina will be writing some articles and blogs for i-studentlobal, detailing her experiences of studying in the UK and offering advice for other students who are looking to study abroad. Links to these will appear below so check back for updates.  


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