An Interview with Marina Abramian, International Journalism Graduate, University of Sussex


Yesterday I-StudentGlobal met up with recent University of Sussex MA International Journalism alumna Marina Abramian to reflect back on her time studying in the UK.

What were your interests when you were younger? Did you always want to study abroad when you grew up?

From a young age, I wanted to study in the UK. I felt like I was kind of living in a bubble and wanted to see more of the real world outside of it. I’d always had the dream but to be frank the English language teaching at a young age in Crimea was not the best, as there were not very many English-speaking people in the country.

When I was 12 I realised that I had an aptitude for languages and was advised to get a private tutor for English. I took part in some national student language competitions and actually won second place in one when I was around 15. The contests were good because they tested your grammar, essay-writing and oral skills. From then on I knew that I wanted to get my English to the highest level.

Had you travelled much before you started higher education?

I must admit that I was not very well travelled. Before the age of 18 I had only travelled to Armenia, as my family have roots there. When I was 19 I visited Germany and the UK for the first time.

Marina London

Marina taking in the sights of London


How did you find learning English in your home country?

I actually found learning English quite easy because I was not under any time restraints. It was like a purse that I was carrying all the time with me, adding things to it. I enjoyed learning English at school and that is why I chose to study English Language and Literature at university. I wasn’t motivated by money or a job, I just wanted to improve my English and focus on grammar and linguistics. I did more outside of my classes too, by watching English movies and listening to English music to pick up on colloquial English. There are a lot of great free materials online for learning English so there is a lot of support out there for anybody trying to learn.

Why I chose to study in the UK and why I chose Sussex