Top fashion schools in London


London is internationally regarded as a key location to study towards a successful career in the design and fashion industries – but where and how do you start? 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fashion university, or simply looking for a 'way in', this list of 5 London fashion schools will help you find a little clarity.

Group of London fashion students in their studio

“This list of 5 London fashion schools will help you find a little clarity”


1. London College of Fashion – The Business

London College of Fashion has it all and it’s well known as one of the world’s leading fashion educators. The students are challenged to think laterally and to let political and social issues influence their design work. Naturally, this prestigious university has built up some pretty impressive relationships over the years, within the fashion, design and lifestyle industries.

It’s this heritage and prowess that supports their “Fashion the Future” ethos, which continues to attract the future stars of the industry. For anyone lucky enough to get a place here at London College of Fashion – well done and good luck!

2. Goldsmiths, London – Where Talent is Born

The fashion business, like so many other dynamic industries, is not only about what you know, but also about who you know. It’s the people who have built and continue to shape Goldsmiths that make this one of the world’s most sought after fashion schools.

But it’s not just a fashion school – it’s a community of talented people that are passionate about their work and inspiring others. Over the years it has produced some of the biggest names on the UK arts scene, including Antony Gormley, Mary Quant, Damien Hirst, James Blake, Sam Taylor-Wood, Graham Coxon and Malcolm McLaren.

If you’re serious about growing your professional circle and developing your fashion career, Goldsmiths will give you a head start.