5 World’s Coolest Co-Working Spaces of 2016


Students of the world unite, there’s a new trend in town and it’s going to make your life much easier. As if studying wasn’t hard enough, most study spaces are designed in a way to alienate an individual from the outside world and, of course, other people. Well, recently a new trend has emerged among students and co-workers called co-working and its primary goal is to create a shared working environment for people to conduct their work together, rather than apart. Studies have shown that this type of engagement actually holds many benefits and can boost people’s productivity levels, make them more efficient and effective in doing their work, but also improve creativity in the working area and create a sense of community.

Many countries worldwide have already accepted this practice and we present to you the 5 most awesome co-working spaces from this year:


Image source: inc42.com

Innov8 | Chandigarh, India

Known as the India’s most loved co-working campus, Innov8 represents a collaborative workspace to create, focus and network with other like-minded people. A welcoming and warm surroundings with lush vegetation and foosball and mini-golf areas are just a few things that make this Indian working space a community movement with just one goal – to revolutionize work as we know it.


Image source: thecommons.io

The Commons | Melbourne, Australia

Designed for anybody with a creative mind whose sole goal is to thrive in a diverse community, the Commons is an Australians wellness-focused co-working space. Yes, you read that right; besides the common resources that this place has to offer to its peers, such as insanely fast internet, 24-hour access, latest technology, refreshments and top quality Melbourne office furniture, this co-working area also gives you the opportunity to relax your mind by attending a yoga or a meditation class. These classes are held in a fully functional indoor park, while you can even find a living garden – in the centre of the building. It’s quite easy to presume that the Commons take their environment quite seriously.