From the likes of Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright, design and architecture are two distinctions that corroborate to change the urban space we reside in today. As subjects, design and architecture are pathways for those who study it to diversify urban knowledge and have the freedom to invent ideas that wouldn’t subside in a non-educational environment. A degree in design and/or architecture gives you the opportunity to create infrastructures around the world and have your designs be lived in – literally. 


Unlike other academic subjects, distinctions like design and architecture are prepared for using the creative industry rather than the usual academic testing. For this type of degree, the experience necessary would be a portfolio showcasing the type of work a student has created already, such as an online portfolio of designs or sketches for architecture, as well as an idea of preferences when it comes to specific areas of the degree to be explored. 


Studying a distinction of design or architecture will allow you as a graduate to enter the creative industries with the option of either freelancing or aligning yourself with a company that pertains similar interests within the field. This creative degree opens up pathways to jobs within the creative sector such as a graphic designer, types of architect, or potentially furthering to become a teacher of this craft.