ART. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling. Is it calling you?

Studying a Degree in the Arts

Many people are under the misconception that degrees in the arts do not lead directly to jobs in the arts. This opinion is not unfounded, and with the professionals in the media industry themselves producing films about the 'starving artist' stereotype, this does nothing to sway the general opinion on this matter. The truth is a lot less cinematic. Many jobs in the arts are not particularly well paid, when compared to jobs in finance, medicine or law, however they usually offer a number of great benefits including flexible hours, freedom to pursue creative endeavours, and as such arts graduates can find themselves in some of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs.

This infographic below will hopefully inform you better about the real benefits of studying an arts degree at college or university.

Source Strategic National Arts Alumni Project SNAAP

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