Adelaide: a friendly and fertile training ground

With world class festivals and stunning landscapes, Adelaide is a great destination for international students.

Known for its cultural life, Adelaide is often called the Festival City. Home to the prestigious Festival of the Arts and a Fringe Festival that grows year by year, Adelaide also hosts world music festival WOMAdelaide, the Cabaret Festival and its own South Australian Living Artists Festival. Fuelling Adelaide’s creative dynamism are its world class universities and colleges. Across dance, acting, music, visual arts and design, media and screen, fashion, footwear and more, courses from certificate to bachelor’s degree and postgraduate qualifications are offered. High quality courses, facilities and teaching staff who are active practitioners in their field ensure the excellence of teaching and relevance of skills taught.

Away from the large-scale festivals there’s another side to Adelaide, one that’s earned it the affectionate title ‘Radelaide’, springing from its energetic visual arts, design, dance, theatre and music scenes. These strong local creative environments form a supportive training ground offering students opportunities to develop creatively and hone their skills before launching global careers.

Combined with educational excellence are Adelaide’s enviable lifestyle, convenience and affordability. Big enough to be exciting and small enough to be welcoming, Adelaide is within two hours flight of Sydney and Melbourne, and its own stunning beaches and Hills region are less than half an hour away.

As Adelaide remains the least expensive mainland city in Australia, it’s the affordable study choice. With food, rent and many daily expenses generally cheaper than other Australian cities, students enjoy a great quality of life.

TAFE South Australia is the government-owned provider offering a wide range of courses across acting, dance, costume and set design for performance, live production, stage management, visual arts, fashion, footwear, furniture and interior design from certificate level courses to bachelor’s degrees with its purpose-built facilities in the city’s lively west end.

Visual arts can also be studied through the University of South Australia, which offers specialisations in visual arts, design and architecture. The Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA) is an independent studio-based art school offering associate degree and bachelor’s degree programmes.

The University of Adelaide is home to the renowned Elder Conservatorium of Music offering courses in music, performance and pedagogy. The university also offers art history and curatorial studies programmes, while Flinders University is known for its drama and screen training, offering courses in screen, drama and media.

A relatively small city, it’s easy to meet like-minded people in Adelaide, so creative ideas are given free rein, and supportive and enduring professional networks are quickly established. It’s the connections that an intimate city provides that engender creativity and opportunity. The Fringe Festival and Cabaret Fringe provide opportunities for up and coming performers, while the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) gives visual art students the chance to show their work publicly. Designers show their work through local design markets and the acclaimed Jam Factory design centre offers professional internships, while fashion students showcase their work through Adelaide’s annual spring Fashion Festival.

Adelaide’s creative reputation is renowned. Starting with educational excellence and resulting in opportunities on a world stage, Adelaide gives creative careers a dynamic, industry-focused and truly enviable start.

Christie Anthoney
Creative Director
Adelaide College of the Arts
TAFE South Australia