A Letter to Aspiring Art Students



In the game of life, no one knows better until it happens. If you choose business rather than art, no shame. Maybe you're not meant to be the artsy type but a successful businesswoman after all. But if you do choose art, congratulations and be prepared! Whatever you do, you just need to be GOOD. ‍

So, enough jibber-jabbing. Technically what you need to do now is to enroll in several intro-level art classes and see in which one, if any, you do well. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses as an artist and as a person. Make something that will prove your talent to your parents and to your future employers. Join some art clubs and network. Ask your advisors about potential internships. These are all the first steps to try out if art is really the thing for you. 


“Make something that will prove your talent …”

Art is a very broad idea. What exactly do you want as a concentration? Studio art, media, music, art history, or art administration? You need to think it through. 

The kind of jobs available in art vary a lot, and there are those on the more "art" side and on the more "business" side. You can also combine them and find a balance. For example, art administrators are the people who run galleries/museums. I encourage you to do some research to find the one for you.