A Letter to Aspiring Art Students


Recently, a freshman asked me whether she should follow her passion to become an artist, or obey her parents to study commerce. Feeling that this is a common dilemma for international students, I decided to publish my words here to help.


“I decided to publish my words ...”

Dear Fellow Art Lover,

You're facing a common dilemma for International students; I was there too. Therefore I'm gonna be very honest with you: I'm not proud of choosing to pursue art. Instead, I'm proud of being able to make a living with art. There's a big difference between passion and career, and that's the first thing you need to know when you make life decisions. 


“I'm proud of being able to make a living with art.”

I don't think your parents are wrong - it's hard to find jobs in the art field. But they're not completely right either, otherwise we wouldn't see new films and paintings and music coming out everyday. There ARE jobs available, for sure; they just might be as hard to get as for a business student to get into Goldman Sachs. The question is, are you good enough in either field to survive and thrive?