6 Surprising Art Graduate Jobs - Brooke Chaplan


Kindergarten Teacher

Art Graduate Jobs - Kindergarten Teacher

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Kindergarten teachers are among the most important educators of young children. These teachers teach lessons about basic topics, such as math, reading, and social skills. They perform assessments, enforce rules, and model exemplary behavior. However, most children learn best through visual communication and exploration. Therefore, the best kindergarten teachers are able to use art to educate and inspire their students. For example, they use art to help children explore their feelings and connect with the world around them. Being a kindergarten teacher is personally enriching and rewarding because teachers are able to help children build a strong academic foundation for their future success. 

Art Therapist

Art Graduate Jobs - Art Therapist

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If your artistic tendencies aren’t your only humanities interest, look to other fields close to yours like psychology and sociology. Combining the two might be a great option for an alternative career you’ve never considered before. Therapists use their art and creative processes to help others deal and come to terms with mental health issues. You might teach painting or sculpting to clients and talk them through the issues they have at the same time. It’s a great way to see your art and creativity put to good use every day!

Getting an art education online degree is an excellent investment because students have ample career choices, which include graphic design, art history, and teaching.

Contributed by Brooke Chaplan, a freelance writer based in Los Lunas, New Mexico.