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Art History Teacher

Art Graduate Jobs - Art History Teacher

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Having an art degree doesn’t mean you can immediately teach advanced, post-secondary art to college students. However, it does mean you can focus on a historical region or period. For example, Asia or the Middle Ages. Even better, art degree students can major in art history and teach art in middle and high schools. An art history degree will focus on the cultural, religious, scientific, and even philosophical background of art pieces created within historical contexts. Studying art history is different from other similar specializations, such as archaeology and classical literature, because art history centers on formal visual assessments. Therefore, students will develop strong visual memorization and abstract analysis skills. Art degree graduates who go on to teach students will not only be able to help students understand significant art pieces, but motivate them to incorporate art into their personal lives. 


Art Graduate Jobs - Curator

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These professionals work in a range of museums and related facilities and use their knowledge and understanding of art to care for, and organize exhibitions and collections. You usually need at least a master’s degree to get into this field, but once you get your foot in the door, connections are tight knit and can help you move on to bigger and better spaces. Having a good background in art and art history and education is a big help in setting up displays and collections.

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