6 Surprising Art Graduate Jobs - Brooke Chaplan


Getting a degree in art education opens up the door for many exciting career possibilities you may not realize. Below introduces three unique career specializations that are available with an art education degree.

Graphic Designer

Art Graduate Jobs - Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers spend most of their time on the computer using complex software programs to create visual concepts. However, they generally have an educational background in art with experience in design principles, studio art, graphics production, and printing techniques. Students with an art degree will be able to work in a wide array of fields and technology mediums. This means that the student may work for an online business to develop their website or an investment company to create cutting edge advertising. Still, many graphic designers also work in the entertainment, software development, and book publishing industries. In fact, the most coveted graphic designer positions are with major animation studios, such as Pixar and Disney.

Art Supplier

Art Graduate Jobs - Art Supplier

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An alternative career for any artist, selling or supplying art equipment might be a career option to consider. Often these sales representatives will work with or for manufactures or wholesalers. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a salesperson, knowing a lot about the actual equipment and supplies you sell can put you ahead of others in the industry. As a supplier, you will get to know good connections all over the art community from customers like schools, artists, and galleries.

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