Why Study Art or Photography?

Whether you are skilled with pencils or paintbrushes, cameras or clay, a degree in art or photography could be a great place to develop your practical skills under the guidance of other artists. A degree in art gives you the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by your peers as well as your tutors including giving you the time to develop your abilities without the distractions of full-time work, which will often be the case as you grow older. Your late teens and early 20s can be a period of intense creativity, and without proper support and nurturing, this can often end up going to waste.

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Preparing for an Art or Photography Degree

Unlike many traditional academic subjects, such as mathematics and business, subjects like art and photography require a level of experience outside of that which is tested for in the classroom. A portfolio of projects, including your college work, will be an important asset when you are looking to study at university. You should have a few examples of your work in different areas, for example a photographer may wish to showcase their landscapes and portraits, headshots and event photography, whereas an art student may wish to showcase examples of their work in different media, showing more examples of the area which they are hoping to focus on at university.

As such, it is important from an early age to work alongside others on projects. These will set the foundations for future collaborations and will help you to build a reputation, as well as portfolio. A lot of early work will be unpaid, so make sure to get the most out these projects by making sure that you are credited by your collaborators and that your website/business page/Facebook page is promoted through their social media channels, in lieu of payment for your work. If you don't have a website/blog, I suggest setting one up, as this will be crucial in the future when you are looking to demonstrate your work. With unpaid projects it is important that the project will help you. Do not be afraid to turn down a project if the terms don't benefit you. If you become good at what you do then other opportunities will come along for you which will help you. 

Art & Photography Jobs 

Studying art or photography will put you in a great position to join some hugely creative industries. The modern art world is international, exciting and constantly changing. A degree in photography could see you working as a professional photographer, focusing on fashion photography, commercial photography, photo journalism or even photography as an art form in itself. You could also go full circle and become a photography or art teacher, guiding the next generation of budding photographers or artists, whilst pursuing your professional career in the field simultaneously.


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