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“5 World’s Coolest Co-Working Spaces of 2016”

Students of the world unite, there’s a new trend in town and it’s going to make your life much easier. As if studying wasn’t hard enough, most study spaces are designed in a way to alienate an individual from the outside world and, of course, other people. Well, recently a new trend has emerge… read more


“Journalism training in the UK”

Journalism is an exciting and challenging career - no one day is the same as the next. Find out more about studying journalism in the UK and what the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) can do to support your studies and career prospects after graduating. Journalists know the ne… read more


“Why Study Creative Writing?”

Growing in popularity, particularly within the UK, the study of Creative Writing offers its students a wide skillset which can attract potential employers after graduation. Find out more about what you can learn during a Creative Writing Course, the potential careers that Creative Writing graduates … read more


“TV Shows That Encourage A Different Field of Study”

There's a current trend of terrific science shows on channels such as Netflix, HBO, and many others. These other TV programs and documentaries show a vast number of interest in different studies such as criminology, psychology, and social work. What will you decide to study? 1. Grey’s Anatomy … read more


“9 Great Science Movies and TV Shows”

Science fiction and scientific shows have become mainstream on channels such as BBC, Netflix, and AMC. We've listed i-studentglobal's favourite science TV shows and films, just to satisfy the science nerd that lives in us all. What will you watch first? 1. Stranger Things (2016 - Present)&n… read more


“10 Movies That Will Make You Want To Study”

Films can provide many forms of inspiration - art, literature, comedy, and even studying. Here are some of our favourite films that will inspire you - like they have inspired us - to get further in your education.  1. THE HISTORY BOYS (2009) An unruly and charismatic class of boys work alon… read more

An Interview With A Graphic Designer - Oliver Jenkins

“An Interview With A Graphic Designer - Oliver Jenkins”

A Graphic Design student from Norwich University We spoke to UK-based freelance graphic designer Oliver Jenkins about his time spent at university and how his degree has benefited him upon graduating. Did you always want to work in graphic design? Strangely enough, no. I’m sure if you asked any… read more

Amazing Examples of Modern Architecture in Australia

“Amazing Examples of Modern Architecture in Australia”

Modern Australian architecture reflects innovative ideas regarding the use of old materials, new materials, new spaces, and new functionalities. The buildings are no longer made of concrete and stone. People seek transparency and lightness, so steel and glass come to the scene. In terms of functiona… read more

An Interview With...A Freelance Musician - Michaela Wylde

“An Interview With...A Freelance Musician - Michaela Wylde”

Earlier this month i-studentglobal spoke to professional freelance musician Michaela Wylde about her music career, university education and aspirations. Michaela studied a BMus in Music at Bangor University, Wales. Did you always want to work as a musician? I have always loved music and performing… read more

6 Surprising Art Graduate Jobs - Brooke Chaplan

“6 Surprising Art Graduate Jobs - Brooke Chaplan”

Getting a degree in art education opens up the door for many exciting career possibilities you may not realize. Below introduces three unique career specializations that are available with an art education degree. Graphic Designer  Image source: Graphic designe… read more

Top 4 Industries That Hire Communications Majors

“Top 4 Industries That Hire Communications Majors”

Whether you've recently graduated from college or you plan on making a career change in the near future, finding the right major is essential. Communications is a widely respected major that a large number of students tackle because it offers many different professional opportunities in the future. … read more

 A Letter to Aspiring Art Students

“A Letter to Aspiring Art Students”

Recently, a freshman asked me whether she should follow her passion to become an artist, or obey her parents to study commerce. Feeling that this is a common dilemma for international students, I decided to publish my words here to help. “I decided to publish my words ...” Dear Fellow Art Lo… read more

How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni

“How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni”

Always loved music or singing as a hobby but want to take your talent to the next level? Well, being at university, where you’re constantly meeting new people, having new life experiences and growing as a person, makes it the ideal time to think about kick starting your career in the music industr… read more

5 Career Paths for Budding International Photographers

“5 Career Paths for Budding International Photographers”

Photography is often seen as a hobby rather than a worthwhile career path. Yet there are a number of worthwhile career paths to explore, each of which involves its own distinct training. Commercial, travel, and scientific photography are each separate industries with their own needs. International s… read more

Interview with a photographer and film maker

“Interview with a photographer and film maker”

Wei Qian, who is usually known as Eris, is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she was the first Chinese student to study a Media Studies Major. She now works at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC as a Contract Video Producer for the National Museum of Natural Histor… read more

Leeds: the music capital of the North

“Leeds: the music capital of the North”

Leeds has one of the best and most varied music scenes in the UK. It is a vibrant city with an active student life and lots of opportunities for young musicians - a world-class place to study music. It's a Saturday in Leeds, and a hush falls over a packed crowd at indie hot-spot Nation of Shopkeepe… read more

An interview with a professional musician

“An interview with a professional musician”

Gerry Saulter is a classical guitarist and music professor at Five Towns College in New York. He teaches a busy schedule of classes and is also one half of the internationally renowned flute and guitar ensemble, Serenade Duo. Why did you chose to study music?  To tell you the truth, I believe… read more

Why study design in New Zealand?

“Why study design in New Zealand?”

New zealand is ideally placed for budding designers to hone their craft. The relative isolation of New Zealand offers real advantages. Being at the edge brings freedom to improvise, to invent and to imagine. It has created one of the world’s great experimental cultures and established a long… read more

Interview with an architect

“Interview with an architect”

We spoke to Chris Jaume, 25, who is currently completing his Part 2 Architectural Assistant placement as part of his journey to becoming a fully-qualified architect in the UK. Chris, originally from southeast England, studied his Part 1 at Newcastle University and then went on to complete… read more