Why study liberal arts, social sciences & humanities

Liberal arts, social sciences and humanities subjects are popular study options for both international and domestic students. The social sciences are about people and how they behave, both individually and collectively, as part of society.

Liberal arts is a curriculum which teaches general knowledge, rather than one specific subject, and encompasses many other subject areas - a good choice for those who are unsure of what subject to specialise in.

The LASH subjects will teach you how to analyse things with a critical mind, allowing you the ability to question and explore issues in society, culture and humanity. They can lead to a vast choice of careers in a diverse range of sectors, including teaching, business, care and research, amongst many more.

Click on the subject areas below to see an example of the huge range of available course titles within that area. Every institution offers different courses so it’s important that you do your research and find out exactly what it is that you are applying for.