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Arts education in Australia

Australia is the ideal place to study a Bachelor of Arts degree. You will be part of the largest single degree programme available across all Australian Universities.

There is a huge diversity in what can be studied under an Australian Bachelor of Arts degree:

One of the key reasons for choosing a Bachelor of Arts in Australia is that you are studying at a university rather than at an arts college. This difference from other countries, such as the USA, means it is easier to integrate your undergraduate study and your postgraduate specialisation.

Arts, social sciences, and humanities academics from Australian Universities are ranked amongst the top worldwide.

Another reason for deciding to study in Australia would be the flexibility of most Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree structures, with the capacity to choose your specialisation after completing the first year of your programme - so you can get a taste of what you like before you make a commitment.

Bachelor of Arts degrees are driven by intellectual curiosity.

They teach you:

In an age where information is changing every day, what is important is a life-long learning habit that promotes understanding across different sectors of global society. 

The arts, social sciences, and humanities play a critically important role underpinning the development of our society, culture and individual identity. These disciplines are dedicated to the study of society, the economy, business, governance, history, and culture.

New arts disciplines are emerging to tackle some of the major challenges facing contemporary society, such as population growth and climate change. 

The Bachelor of Arts is considered best studied in a thriving multi-cultural democracy - Australia being an excellent example. 

Written by President, Professor Krishna Sen and
Vice-President, Professor John Germov
The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities